Trailer of Christmas Toys, Food Stolen in Pasco County

A trailer full of donated toys and food was stolen from Keystone Community Church in Pasco County.
  “The estimated value of the donations in the stolen trailer was $4,500. The toys and food were slated to go to the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday Tent in Pasco County and our main Holiday Tent in Tampa, located at 400 West Palm Ave. Coming into this weekend, we are already short more than 6,000 gifts for teen boys and girls and infant toys. And now with the trailer stolen, hundreds more families who were counting on us may be without a Christmas,” said Shawn LaFata, MM’s associate director of communications.

“This is a tragic event,” said Karl Celestine, MM’s Senior Director of Outreach and Prevention. “So many people in our community depend on us to make their Christmas just a little brighter, and for someone to infringe on those efforts by stealing an entire trailer full of donations simply breaks our hearts,” Celestine said.

With Christmas Day 8 days away, Metropolitan Ministries asks the everyone to help them save Christmas for those they have pledged to help. If you can a new toy, food or gift card, go to the donation locations in Tampa and Pasco County or donate online at

Metropolitan Ministries is a nonprofit, nondenominational, faith-based organization that provides comprehensive care for poor and homeless families in the Tampa Bay region.  Founded 1978, its mission is to relieve suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency to those in need.  Metropolitan Ministries’ main location is at 2002 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33602 and the Pasco campus is located at 3214 US HWY 19, Holiday, FL 34691.  For more information visit



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