Quiet Time with God

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To start off the New Year, Senior Pastor William Rice’s message was titled “The Things That Could Be” based on Judges 6:11-16.

Here are Pastor Rice’s Message Notes below:

“Then the Angel of the LORD appeared to him and said: “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior. “Gideon said to Him, “Please Sir, if the LORD is with us, why has all this happened?” –Judges 6:12-13 HCSB

We fail to reach our God-given potential because of…


“Gideon was threshing wheat in the wine vat in order to hide from the Midianites.”- Judges 6:11


“But now the LORD has abandoned us and handed us over to Midian.” – Judges 6:13


“He said to Him, Please, Lord, how can I deliver Israel? Look, my family is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father’s house.” – Judges 6:15

In order to unlock your true identity you must believe what God says about….

  1. Your Potential
  2. His Presence
  3. His Promise
  4. Your Purpose


In Judges 6:11-16, God speaks to Gideon and changes his life. The Midianites who were thugs and thieves, oppress Israel for 7 years. Gideon is threshing wheat in a wine vat and hiding from the Midianites,  Pastor Rice explained.

“God sees what we cannot see,” Pastor Rice said.

“Fear restricts us from what God wants us to be,” Pastor Rice said.

“The Christmas season is about God is with me and for me,” Pastor Rice said.

Gideon was discouraged by what happened in the past; that nothing will change. He asked God “Why is this happening to me? Where is the God I heard about?”

“You can believe what you see or what God sees,” Pastor Rice said.

God saw Gideon as a mighty warrior, but Gideon told God he was the lowest, weakest in his family. God told him to  “Go with the strength you have.” Gideon obeyed God and became a great champion for God.  Gideon gathered a big army together to fight the Midianites, but God promised Gideon that he can defeat the Midianites with a much smaller army and a different plan.

“People with faith in God expect God to act…When you align your purpose with God, you begin to find wisdom and purpose in life…God has a great plan for you,” Pastor Rice said.

Lord, thank you that we not the sum of our mistakes from the past. Help us to trust you to do whatever you say,” Pastor Rice said in closing prayer.

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