Thank You

When I took a University of South Florida non-credit class about blogging a few years ago,  the USF employee who accepted my class payment, said “No one will ever read it.”  Fortunately, instructor David Henry and the assistant instructors were optimistic and showed us that blogging can be fun –an adventurous journey in writing, editing, publishing, sharing  life experiences, hobbies, interests, news, information and wisdom.

If you’re considering making a living or earning extra money from your blog, this blog didn’t make any money for 3 years until we sought advertisers and people offered to sponsor it.  2015 was the first year we made money from this blog — $123.00 that will be reported as income to IRS during this tax filing season. God only knows what happens next in 2016.

So if you’ve got a college degree or working toward one, young or old, retired, seeking employment or blessed to be employed, we highly advise staying in school to finish that degree, a steady paycheck for your financial security and blogging on the side.

Happy Blogging!

God be with you always,

Carol Lim




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