GOP Presidential Race Narrows after New Hampshire Primary

The remaining presidential candidates are pressing on to the next debates, primary and caucus in South Carolina and Nevada after the New Hampshire Primary last night. Donald Trump won the GOP primary. Bernie Sanders beat out Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side.  Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie also announced today they’re leaving the GOP presidential race.

Here are the February 9, 2016  New Hampshire Primary results of the main contenders with all 300 precincts reporting:

Republican Primary

Donald Trump         10 delegates      100,406 votes     35%

John Kasich                4 delegates       44,909 votes      16%

Ted Cruz                       3 delegates       33,189 votes      12%

Jeb Bush                        3 delegates      31,310 votes       11%

Marco Rubio                 3 delegates       30,032 votes     11%

Chris Christie                 0 delegates      21,069 votes       7%

Carly Fiorina                   0 delegates      11,706 votes       4%

Ben Carson                      0 delegates        6,509  votes      2%

Rand Paul                       0 delegates         1,900 votes        1%

Democratic Primary

Bernie Sanders               15 delegates       151,584 votes     60%

Hillary Clinton                   9 delegates       95,252 votes     38%

Martin O’Malley                 0 delegates            643 votes       0%


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