GOP Campaign Sign Watch

Today's Campaign Signs 001 Today's Campaign Signs 005

As the Republican race for president narrows to 4 candidates, this was the signage on Friday afternoon after the 11th GOP debate in Detroit at the Jimmy Keel Library on W. Bearss Avenue in Tampa, Florida.  Two Ted Cruz signs were up through Super Tuesday, but were missing today.  A few Marco Cruz signs  were put back up after they were found lying down on the ground in the same spot  in the library parking lot –legally 100 feet or more from the entrance of the polling place.

Several Donald Trump signs were up along the right-of-way on W. Bearss Avenue today, too.  The Thomas Scott volunteers seeking signatures for their county commission candidate said they noticed the Cruz signs were gone this morning.  As you would expect, “campaign signs here today and gone tomorrow” is likely to continue during Early Voting in Florida.  Early Voting ends March 13, 2016.  Florida’s presidential primary is Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies also have been patrolling the area to keep an eye on any campaign sign vandalism or theft.

—Carol Lim


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