Carrollwood March 15 Primary Results – 3 Precincts

March 2016 Florida Primary 008 March 2016 Florida Primary 013

March 2016 Florida Primary 010The following are unofficial results of public voting on March 15, 2016 at 3 precincts at the  Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa. They are posted on the front door at CCC.  They do not include Early Voting and Mail-In ballots results of these 3 precincts. A Carrollwood Cultural Center staff member  says the results will be posted here until Friday, if you wish to see them yourself.


Republican Presidential Preference Primary

Precinct 504 –(329 votes)        Precinct 509 –(358 votes)         Precinct 511 (305 votes)

Jeb Bush                1                                              0                                              0

Ben Carson            1                                              1                                               0

Chris Christie           0                                            0                                               0

Ted Cruz                   22                                          48                                            51

Carly Fiorina             0                                            0                                              0

Jim Gilmore              0                                            1                                                0

Lindsey Graham       0                                            0                                               0

Mike Huckabee         0                                            0                                               0

John Kasich               4                                           10                                              0

Rand Paul                    1                                            0                                              0

Marco Rubio               47                                         58                                            43

Rick Santorum             0                                           1                                               0

Donald Trump            49                                          42                                            55

Democratic Presidential Preference Primary

Hillary Clinton            118                                         47                                            83

Martin O’ Malley           3                                           3                                               2

Bernie Sanders             82                                         46                                            62

The Carrollwood – Carrollwood Village area is mostly college-educated, middle to upper-income with an increasing diverse population (Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Asian-American,  Middle-Eastern and of various religious faiths) in this suburban area of Tampa, Florida.

The presidential preference primary was a Closed Primary in Florida.  Only registered Democrats and Republicans could vote. Voting went smoothly during most of the day at the Carrollwood Cultural Center.  Independent or No Party Affiliation voters were not issued ballots. Voters who wanted to correct or change their address or party affiliation information on primary day were allowed to vote provisionally in most cases.

All address, name or political party affiliation changes must be made at least 29 days before each primary or election. They cannot be made on voting day.  Go to or visit your county’s Supervisor of Elections Office to fill out the proper form for any changes to your voter registration in Florida.

For updates on the voting results in Hillsborough County, go to

—-Carol Lim

Comments:  I also was a 509 poll worker at this location on March 15, 2016. Each of the 3 precinct poll workers also were interesting.  511 had 3 or 4 Caucasian poll workers. 509 had 2 Hispanics,  1 Caucasian Clerk, 1 Caucasian and 1 Asian-American poll worker. 504 had an African American clerk and mostly African-American and/or Hispanic poll workers. Each precinct also is required to have poll workers of the 2 main political parties – Democrats and Republicans.

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