Western Tuesday Election Results – March 22, 2016

On Western Tuesday, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump continue to lead with wins in Arizona, but trailed their closest rivals in Idaho and Utah. Trump picked up all 58 delegates in Arizona with 12 more from Idaho. Ted Cruz won all 40 delegates in Utah and added 20 delegates from Idaho in Republican contests.

Clinton did well in Arizona while Sanders soundly won in Idaho and Utah. Both democratic candidates will split proportionally the delegates from Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

Arizona Democratic Primary:

Clinton        41 delegates         57.6% of the vote

Sanders        26  delegates       37.9% of the vote

Bernie Sanders won Utah’s and Idaho’s Democratic Presidential Caucuses.

Utah Democratic Caucus

Clinton         5 delegates        19.8% of the vote

Sanders       24 delegates      79.7% of the vote

Idaho Democratic Caucus

Clinton         5 delegates          21%

Sanders        17 delegates         78%

Arizona Republican Primary               

Cruz           0 delegates          24.9% of the vote

Kasich        0 delegates          10% of the vote

Trump       58 delegates      47.1% of the vote

Idaho Republican Primary

Cruz            20 delegates         45.4% of the vote

Kasich          0 delegates           7.4% of the vote

Trump        12 delegates          28.1% of the vote

Utah Republican Caucus

Cruz              40 delegates         69.2% of the vote

Kasich              0 delegates       16.9% of the vote

Trump              0 delegates       14.0% of the vote

Source: Associated Press

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