Pacific Northwest Results – March 26, 2016

Here are the results from the Hawaii Republican Primary and Democratic Caucus, the Alaska Republican and Democratic Caucuses and the Washington Democratic Caucus on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Republicans Ben Carson and Marco Rubio are no longer running for their party’s nomination for president.

Democrat Bernie Sanders won all 3 caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington.

Republican Ted Cruz edged out Donald Trump to win Alaska. Both picked up 14 delegates each in Alaska.

Trump won Hawaii and 11 delegates. The remaining 7 Hawaiian delegates go to Cruz and 1 delegate goes to Marco Rubio.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to be the Democratic and Republican party frontrunners with the most delegates.

Hawaii Democratic Caucus

Clinton             8 delegates                30.2% of the vote

Sanders           17 delegates                 69.8% of the vote

Hawaii Republican Primary

Cruz                    7 delegates                37.7% of the vote

Kasich                 0 delegates                10.6% of the vote

Rubio                   1 delegate                  13.1% of the vote

Trump                 11 delegates               42.4% of the vote

Alaska Democratic Caucus

Clinton               3 delegates                 18.4% of the vote

Sanders              13 delegates                81.6% of the vote

Alaska Republican Caucus

Carson                  0 delegates               10.9% of the vote

Cruz                     14  delegates              36.4% of the vote

Kasich                   0 delegates                 4.1% of the vote

Rubio                     0 delegates                15.1% of the vote

Trump                   14 delegates               33.5% of the vote

Washington Democratic Caucus

Clinton                   9 delegates                  27.1% for the vote

Sanders                  25 delegates                72.7% of the vote

Washington Republican Caucus will be held May 24, 2016.

Total Delegates, as of March 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton (D)         1,712   (1.243 pledged, 469 super delegates)

Bernie Sanders  (D)       1,009   (975 pledge, 29 super delegates)

Super delegates can vote for any democratic presidential candidate.

Donald Trump (R)          739

Ted Cruz            (R)          465

John Kasich      (R)           143

Source: Associated Press

Opinion:  This voter asks that all presidential candidates avoid, steer clear of any tabloid, sensational mud-slinging garbage from any source, including political action committee advertising.  There are bigger issues and problems facing the United States than what is published in any tabloid publication. Move on, please and show voters you have poise, dignity, class, even a good natured sense of humor — and the temperament to be President.

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