Yard Waste Dilemma in Hillsborough County

Uncollected Yard Waste Today 001 Uncollected Yard Waste Today 003

On Friday, April 29th, our scheduled yard waste collection day, all 12 yard waste bags of oak leaves and 2 trash cans full of orange tree limbs were disposed by Progressive Waste Management this morning before temperatures hit near 90 degrees.  All clear on Palmer Drive, too. — Thank you, PWM and Hillsborough County Solid Waste.

Every spring since 1977 when we moved to Tampa, it’s been 50 bags of oak tree leaves or more of yard waste for curbside pickup for Hillsborough County solid waste contractors. Two years ago the county went to automated trash and recycling pickup, but today it’s still not enough to handle the excess yard waste from pollenating trees like state-protected live oaks with hanging moss.  So what does a homeowner do, especially if they are the ones raking and bagging up yard waste for pickup on their scheduled yard waste day?

We have emailed Hillsborough County Solid Waste about the excess oak tree leaves and emailed photos, too. The rules are strict.  Our county contracted trash hauler is Progressive Waste Management.

Progressive Waste Management customer service says you can buy an extra gray 95 gallon bin or small gallon bins for $30 or less to be delivered in a week’s time, but you can’t use the extra gray bin for dumping yard waste.

Progressive Waste Management customer service also says their people will pick up a maximum of  12 bags of bagged yard waste at the curb on your scheduled yard waste day.

Hillsborough County Solid Waste staff says they have heard from other residents upset about missed pickups of excess yard waste at the curb. County solid waste staff say they are reviewing trash collection company contracts and considering going fully automated with yard waste disposal, too.  But its not going to happen this year or this spring.

Currently, Hillsborough County residents must provide their own bags and containers for yard waste, including tree leaves and pollen.

Some in the same situation recommend dumping yard waste in black bags in the grey bins and working out a temporary solution with the yard waste hauling folks on your yard waste pickup day. The PWM employees say they get in trouble when unbagged yard waste is mixed up with unbagged household waste, food, etc. And sometimes PWM will send a truck with an automated lift that can lift bins or cans of yardwaste.

To make excess yard waste collection less back-breaking and less frustrating for the garbage staff on your neighborhood street and homeowners who do their own yard work,  we suggest Hillsborough County and its current solid waste contractors go fully automated and provide large GREEN yard containers to dump oak leaves, pollen, Christmas trees and other yard waste soon.  Makes it easier on everyone’s back.

For  missed garbage pickusp, recycling or more information, contact:


—-Carol Lim




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