Indiana Primary Results

Democrat Bernie Sanders upset Hillary Clinton and won the Indiana Primary on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.  The Sanders victory keeps his campaign alive for another round of state primaries and a slim possibility of a contested Democratic Party Convention in July –all depending on the delegate count and super delegates Sanders wins over.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump also won the Indiana Primary yesterday.  With his last 2 challengers gone, Trump’s path to the GOP’s presidential nomination is clear.  Ted Cruz suspended his race after a second place finish in the crucial Indiana primary and losing to Trump in the 5 Super Tuesday NE primaries last week. Cruz also teamed up with Carly Fiorina before the Indiana Primary.

The Associated Press and other news organizations report John Kasich will drop out. Kaisich tweeted a campaign video on “May the 4th be with you” and Star Wars Day today.

Here are the results from the Indiana Primary with 99% precincts reporting:

Democratic Primary — 83 delegates

Hillary Clinton      37 delegates        47.3% of the vote      297,150 votes

Bernie Sanders      43 delegates       52.7% of the vote      331,707 votes

Republican Primary –57 delegates 

Ted Cruz              0 delegates           36.7% of the vote       404,327 votes

John Kasich        0 delegates             7.5% of the vote        82,786 votes

Donald Trump   51 delegates           53.3% of the vote       587, 706 votes

Total Delegates, as of today:

Republicans –1,237 delegates needed to win party’s presidential nomination

Donald Trump      1,047           1,006 Bound Delegates      41 Unbound Delegates

Ted Cruz                   565

John Kasich             152

Democrats –2,383 delegates needed to win party’s presidential nomination. Super delegates can vote for either candidate.

Hillary Clinton      2,202        1,682 Pledged Delegates    520 Super Delegates

Bernie Sanders      1,400         1,361 Pledged Delegates      39 Super Delegates

Sources:  Associated Press, Twitter

–Carol Lim






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