California Presidential Primary

Voters in California, Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Dakota and South Dakota go to the polls in the last round of presidential primaries before the Democratic and Republican Party Conventions in July. Despite the frustration with the current frontrunners, primary voters aren’t wasting their chance to vote for their presidential favorite.  “It’s too important of an election to not vote today,” said a pollworker in Salinas, California (Monterey County).

Here are the Monterey County Results on June 7, 2016 –   100% precincts (192)reporting: 46,374 ballots cast.  Voter Turnout:  26.55%  Ballots still being counted, including mailed ballots.

Democratic Presidential Preference Primary

Hillary Clinton   17,126 votes   56.51%

Bernie Sanders   12,894 votes   42.55%

Republican Presidential Preference Primary

Donald Trump   8,079 votes   70.78%

Ben Carson             368 votes     3.22%

Ted Cruz                  956 votes     8.38%

John Kasich            1,912 votes   16.75%

Jim Gilmore                99 votes   0.87%

Source: Monterey County Elections Department

Here are the results of the June 7, 2016 California Primary:

96% Precincts Reporting


Hillary Clinton     257 delegates          56%       1,846,954 votes

Bernie Sanders     188 delegates          43.1%      1,422,287 votes

94% Precincts Reporting


Donald Trump      166 delegates          75.4%    1,146,548 votes

John Kasich               0 delegates          11.3%        171,624 votes

Ted Cruz                     0 delegates             9.1%      138,860 votes

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won their parties’ primaries in California,  New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota.  As the first woman to clinch the presidential nomination of  a major political party, Clinton added 462 delegates from this last round of primaries before the Democratic National Party convention.  Donald Trump gained 297 delegates from 5 Republican primaries on June 7th.

With its Republican Caucus on March 1st, North Dakota’s  delegates will be pledged at the Republican National Convention in July.

For the Sanders campaign, it will be decision time. Bernie Sanders campaigned valiantly and heavily against Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in California and across the United States.  Sanders lost in California, but the Vermont senator won the Democratic primaries in Montana (11 delegates) and North Dakota (13 delegates). Sanders won 51.1% of the vote; Clinton 44.6% in Montana. Sanders won 64%; Clinton 25.6% of the vote in North Dakota.

Source: Associated Press

—Carol Lim



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