IRS Phone Scams in Tampa Area

Above is an automated IRS Phone Scam call received in Tampa, Florida today. The call came from 906-239-2565. The scammer calling from the Marquette, Michigan area asks you to call this number immediately.  Authorities advises the public to ignore these calls and report them.

IRS Phone Scam 2 002The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says there are a number of IRS phone scams and other phone scams happening now in the Tampa Bay area.  They include the inheritance money phone scam, a Bank of America phone scam and IRS phone scams in which the automated calls threaten lawsuits and arrests. A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit deputy, who also has received these fake phone calls advises to ignore these calls and report them to the HCSO or If your household received several fake IRS phone calls from the same number, the HCSO deputy who spoke with us says the scammers automatically dials from the same phone number and uses several different extensions to contact their victims.

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