Tampa Hurricane Exercise

Today’s weather in Tampa doesn’t look like a Category 3 hurricane hit the city, but now through 11:30 p.m.  the Tampa Office of Emergency Management is conducting a drill to test the city’s response to a direct hit by a major hurricane.

The goal of the 12-hour exercise is to check out the city’s response and recovery operations in Tampa in case a Category 3 hurricane or other severe weather event hits the area.

“Personnel will stand up Emergency Response Centers (ERC) and conduct a “push route.”  A push route involves multiple vehicles driving down vital thoroughfares in the city to push away debris to allow for greater mobility of transportation to support recovery operations. Crews will test out the new routes using revised map.” said the City of Tampa’s news release.

A damage assessment team  also will test out a new data collection process. They’ll use portable electronic devices to record images of damage to be uploaded to the cloud so people in the Emergency Operations Center can see the damage and get information about it in real time.

The city also will test its emergency fuel plan and procedures to see if city vehicles can respond during and after severe weather. After last year’s exercise, officials determined the City of Tampa needed a better emergency fuel plan to be ready. Mayor Buckhorn requested a Fuel Task Force which developed the plan and procedures for this year’s drill.

The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s office and FEMA also will be part of the exercise.

For more information, contact: Jason Penny, Tampa Fire Rescue PIO (813) 210-9911 or Ashley Bauman, Public Affairs Director at Ashley.bauman@tampagov. net or 813-274-8262 (office number).

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