Tampa Electric Company Inspects By Air

TECO 002 TECO 004

This low-flying helicopter buzzed above vehicles on Gunn Highway and Anderson Road Monday afternoon. TECO’s choppers also surveyed lines in the Carrollwood area Tuesday morning.

Low-flying helicopters will be in the air in the Tampa area during the next 4 weeks. It’s all part of  Tampa Electric Company’s ongoing inspection of its transmission lines and equipment. The helicopters will fly 30 to 300 feet above the lines and polls along right-of-ways and near neighborhoods, according to TECO. Workers will inspect the high-voltage lines and equipment with infrared instruments and traditional cameras. Some 1,300 miles of TECO’s transmission system will be surveyed by helicopters with return flyovers for 160 miles of  the system.  The low-flying helicopters will operate during daytime hours when weather permits. TECO says it has hired Haverfield Aviation of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Hot Shot Infrared Inspection, Inc. of Golden Colorado to inspect and patrol its transmission system.


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