Donald Trump Elected as 45th U.S. President


Donald Trump closed the biggest deal of his life and was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.  Many American voters wary of career politicians, the establishment, the news media at times and uncomfortable with the  presidential choices, voted for change and a new direction in America on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Trump accepted his win early Wednesday morning with 276 Electoral College votes to Hillary Clinton’s 218 Electoral College votes.  270 are needed to win the presidency.

The unofficial U.S. popular vote was:  Clinton/Kaine    58,676,134

Trump/Pence    58,758,610

For updates,

As of  5 p.m. ET, November 9th – Trump has 279 votes and Clinton has 228 Electoral College votes.

Here are the unofficial votes received in Florida by county from the Florida Division of Elections:

It’s any early Christmas  for the Republican Party. Republicans also retain control of Congress and the Senate in Washington.

Florida’s 29 electoral college votes went to Trump/Pence, who also won traditional Democratic states, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The unofficial Florida popular vote was  4,605,328  Trump/Pence; 4,485,658 for Clinton/Kaine.

After polls closed, Trump won key swing states (Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa) with record voter turnout in Florida.  While most of Florida voted for the GOP ticket,  Alachua, Brevard, Broward, Hillsborough Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange and Palm Beach counties went for the Democratic presidential ticket -Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

In Hillsborough County, a surge of  young, first-time voters and Hispanic/Latino voters turned out Election Day Tuesday. The presidential election also energized more Asian Americans, Indian-Americans, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern Americans and other ethnic groups to vote on Tuesday.

Republican Marco Rubio won his second term as as U.S. Senator in Florida. Democrat and former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist also was elected as U.S. Congressman and defeated the incumbent Republican David Jolly in Pinellas County.

The amendment for legalizing medical marijuana also won in Florida with more than 60% for the popular vote.

—-Carol Lim

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