Big Chill in Houston area

It’s the first freeze of 2017 for many in the Houston area. Temperatures were plummeting this afternoon in the city and surrounding counties. An outdoor thermometer in southwest Houston read around 32 degrees at 2:12 p.m. Central Time during a day of off-and-on light rain and possible sleet. People have bundled up in coats, boots, caps and mittens outside.  The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning in effect from tonight, January 7th from 10 p.m. through 10 a.m. Central Time on Saturday.

The National Weather Service and local Houston meteorologists are forecasting tonight’s overnight low temperatures to be freezing in parts of Harris county and a hard freeze north of the Houston area.  Some homeowners aren’t taking any chances and covering up their outdoor plants and vegetable gardens as temperatures fall to freezing or below 32 degrees F.

Below is the NWS Houston forecast link: area.

Texas Department of Public Safety urges the public to check on children and seniors during this cold weather.  Now that the snow has stopped,  the Texas Department of Transportation says crews are working to clear snow-covered roads in Childress County in the Texas panhandle near Lubbock, Amarillo and nearby towns.

If traveling, stranded and disabled motorists can call the Texas Highway Patrol hotline:


Be sure to stay indoors and wear protective clothing outside. Stay hydrated. Bring in or cover tender outdoor tropical plants.  Don’t forget your pets and bring them indoors during the frigid weather this weekend.

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