Super Bowl LI Command Post

The Harris County Sheriff Office SWAT teams, the Texas Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security prepared to escort the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots from their hotels in the Galleria and Memorial City to NRG stadium today. Their command post has been in the parking lot of First Baptist Church in Houston all week, according to the church parking team’s Charlie Murphy.

“This past week has been the safest around here, not even a church break-in,” quipped FBC Pastor Gregg Matte as he explained to the congregation why there were SWAT teams at the church during this morning’s worship services.

Drivers on 610 West and 610 South say they saw around 18 buses and a motorcade on the 610 loop to NRG stadium early Sunday afternoon with police blocking off entrances and exit ramps and side streets.   Vice President Mike Pence also will be attending Super Bowl LI at NRG today with former President George H.W. Bush doing the coin toss.

–Carol Lim

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