Extreme Weather Ready Expo 2017

NWS Metereologist Nikki Hathaway describes what happens if a hurricane makes landfall here and has advice for new and longtime residents in the Houston and Galveston area.  Video runs: 2:14.

Local emergency management,  city and county agencies, the National Weather Service, disaster-recovery groups and local media hosted and sponsored  the annual Houston/Galveston Extreme Weather Ready Expo 2017 in Houston on Saturday, June 3, 2017.  The expo’s goal was to urge Houston-Galveston area residents to prepare and plan for this hurricane season.

The annual expo at George R. Brown Convention Center is the largest expo of its kind. More than 2,500 people attended Saturday’s expo this year, according to Jackie Miller, Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security on Monday.

Visitors received a bag of information booklets and pamphlets to help them prepare for this hurricane season.  The expo was free, open to the public and held 2 days after the season’s start. Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30th.

The National Weather Service also presented a hurricane workshop and hands-on exhibit at the expo.

“Last season was a quiet year. There was no impact for the western Gulf of Mexico, but there were impacts for Florida and across the Carolinas. Most of the storms curved out to sea and there were a bunch – 15 hurricanes and tropical storms total, which was above average last year,” said Daniel Reilly, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist of the National Weather Service.

However, this hurricane season could be more active.

Graphic courtesy: NOAA, National Hurricane Center

On May 25, 2017, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted an “Above Normal” Atlantic Hurricane Season this year with 11-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes and 2-4 major hurricanes.  The forecast is due to a weak or non-existent El Nino.  NOAA defines El Nino as the presence of unusually warm water in the Pacific, which can influence weather patterns, ocean conditions and marine fishing across large parts of the world.

Weather forecasting, news, command center and rescue vehicles also were on display at the Extreme Weather Ready Expo.

For updates on what’s happening in the tropics, visit the National Hurricane Center website at https://www.nhc.noaa.gov

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