Harris County Deputy and Husband Indicted for Murder

Updated 11:33 a.m., June 13, 2017 – Local and national news media report the Thompsons made their first court appearance in Houston today. At the time of the incident, the Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, Chauna Thompson and her husband, Terry were involved with John Hernandez’s death. The Thompsons surrendered to authorities last Thursday night after a grand jury indicted them for murder in the Hernandez case. The Thompsons were freed the next day after each paid $100,000 bond. Mrs. Thompson’s status with the Sheriff’s Office remains unclear at this time.

This morning court documents show the Hernandez family filed a civil lawsuit against Terry Thompson of Crosby, Texas yesterday, June 12th. John Hernandez, a father of a young child, was involved in a fight with the Thompsons outside a Denny’s restaurant during the Memorial Day weekend.  Hernandez critically injured and unconscious died in the hospital a few days after the confrontation. Hernandez’s funeral was last Saturday.

Updated 10:15 p.m. – The Thompsons turned in themselves at the Harris County Jail before 10 p.m. tonight, Houston news media report.  Earlier tonight, the John Hernandez family and supporters also gathered to react to the grand jury indictment. One saying it was a step toward justice.  They also thanked the media.

A Harris County grand jury has indicted a Harris County Sheriff deputy and her husband on murder charges in the death of John Hernandez after a video surfaced that showed the pair participating in the deadly fight.  The video shown numerous times on local news stations showed the deputy, Chauna Thompson next to her husband, Terry Thompson as he lay on top of Hernandez in a choke hold. The video also showed Hernandez  kicking his legs during the ordeal.  Local news reports say Hernandez was unconscious when he was taken to the hospital. Hernandez died a few days later.

The deadly fight happened outside a Denny’s Restaurant during the Memorial Day weekend.  Since Hernandez’s death, his family, friends and others have held protests calling for justice.

District Attorney Kim Ogg announced the grand jury’s decision late this afternoon during a locally televised news conference.

“The grand jury has found probable cause that a crime was committed,” said Ogg. The district attorney said the grand jury heard testimony from all witnesses who came forward and that all the evidence and testimony before the grand jury will be preserved.

Ogg said the medical examiner’s autopsy report indicated that Hernandez died from strangulation.

“We support the decision of the grand jury,” said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

If convicted, the Thompsons face 5 years to life in prison, Ogg said.

“Nobody is under arrest, ” said Ogg  after announcing the grand jury’s decision.

Ogg suggested the Thompsons turn themselves in.


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