Halloween Safety Tips 2017

Watch out for trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Houston Police Officer  Q.T. Vu has the following safety tips for a fun and safe Halloween.

Wear reflective or bright-colored clothing.


Make sure costumes (fabric and accessories) are flame retardant.

Light pumpkins with small flashlights or battery-operated candles.

Keep Jack-o’-lanterns away from curtains, walkways and items that can catch fire, including decorations.

Masks should have large eyeholes and not block vision.

Children should not eat candy until they get home. Parents should inspect candy for any tampering. Do not eat candy that is not wrapped or loosely wrapped.

Everyone in your party should carry a flashlight or a light so that motorists can see you.

Watch out for cars turning into and out of driveways.  Never cross the street between cars. Cross street at street corners.

If there is no sidewalk, walk facing the oncoming traffic.

Never go into a stranger’s house or accept a ride from a stranger.

Go to homes where the outside lights are on.

If you feel threatened or in danger, go to any Fire or Police station.


Other law enforcement als0 advise trick or treating with a responsible parent or adult who has a cell phone.  Do not trick or treat alone.

Get an early start before it gets dark and be home before 9 p.m.

Trick or treat at homes of people you know.  Homemade treats from strangers should have the person’s name and address.

Do not open the door to trick- or- treaters or strangers after 9 p.m.  Turn off festive or Halloween lighted decorations when you run out of treats.

Drive slowly and watch out for children in neighborhoods.

Before eating, inspect all candy.  Some medical facilities may offer free x-raying of Halloween candy, if you suspect suspicious treats.

Have a safe, fun Halloween, Fall Festival or “Light the Night” celebration on Oct. 31, 2017.

—-Carol Lim



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