U.S. Government Shut Down Ends, For Now


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Updated Jan. 22, 2018 — Tonight President Trump signed a Congressional bill to fund the government through February 8th to end the 69-hour government shutdown, for now, according to the Associated Press. Federal offices or services that were closed or suspended will open/resume Tuesday. Earlier today, the Senate voted 81-18 to end the Democratic filibuster. Around 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted signing the bill to go to the White House.

Two unresolved issues that played a role in the government shutdown were the push for a border wall and whether to end DACA (Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals). The President Obama immigration policy protected the undocumented immigrant children brought into the United States, the “Dreamers” from deportation and allowed them to be eligible to work and stay with 2-year renewal extensions.

Posted January 20, 2018  

Congress and the Trump White House were unable to avoid a federal government shutdown Friday night. The limited federal government shutdown is in effect now. U.S. mail service will continue because the U.S. Postal Service does not rely on federal funding. Entitlements like social security will continue.  Congress and President Trump will be paid.

Federal employees, including those at the Centers for Disease Control during the flu season, will be furloughed. For now, federal employees such as the American military service men and women are required to work and will not be paid during the government shutdown, creating a lot of uncertainty for these households.

The federal government shut down also will affect local economies and businesses across America.

In December 2017, President Trump approved a federal pay raise for employees to go into effect this January.


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