Harris County Early Voting Unofficial Results

As of March 2, here are the unofficial Early Voting results in Harris County (Houston, Texas area) for the March 6, 2018 Primary:

Democratic and Republican Parties Early Voting Totals
In Person and Mailed Ballots: 169,454
Potential Total Early In Person and Mailed Ballots: 195,450

Democratic Party
In Person and Mailed ballots: 87,916
Potential Early In Person and Mailed Ballots: 103,408

Republican Party
In Person and Mailed ballots: 81,537
Potential Early In Person and Mailed Ballots: 92,041

To see how the early voting went at each polling site, click on


If you did not vote early, Tuesday, March 6th is the last chance to vote in the Democratic and Republican party primaries. Polls open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. New technology I-Pads also will be used to check-in registered voters.

Bring acceptable photo identification and vote in your assigned precinct on Tuesday. If you don’t have acceptable form of photo identification, you may vote provisionally.

Personal electronic devices are not allowed inside the voting precinct. Before you come, print out your party’s sample ballot or write down your choices on paper. Anything “paper” is allowed in the voting booth. With lengthy ballots for each party, it will take approximately 15-20 minutes to vote in all the races and propositions on your party’s ballot. Voters are advised to do their homework, research the candidates and propositions.

Not allowed inside the voting precinct: wearing campaign clothing, hats, buttons. By state law, it is considered electioneering and prohibited. You will be advised to cover and remove the advertisement by covering it with another item of clothing or turn it inside.

English is the official language at the polls. Ballots are printed in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. Interpreters and someone assisting you, if physically unable to operate the E-Slate, are allowed.

For sample ballots, your assigned voting precinct and more information, visit http://www.harrisvotes.com or http://www.harrisvotes.org

For Early Voting results, sample ballots and voting information in Fort Bend County, click on:

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