Hurricane Preparedness Week

Just days away from the start of the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season on May 15th, there’s already a tropical system developing in the Pacific Ocean.  The Central Pacific Hurricane Season and Atlantic Hurricane Season start June 1.  The 2018 hurricane season is forecast to be an active one.

Graphics Courtesy: National Weather Service

Each day from May 6 -12th, the National Weather Service provides tips with YouTube video links on getting your family, neighbors, home and property hurricane ready. The daily topics cover the hurricane hazards, developing an evacuation plan, disaster supplies to have, an insurance policy check and applying for flood insurance before a hurricane strikes, making your home stronger against flooding, how to help your neighbor and making a written plan.

The Hurricane Preparedness Week website also has current forecast information on tropical storms and hurricanes developing  in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and hurricane hunter plane tours at inland airports from the Gulf Coast this week.

The hurricane tours are open to the public. Earlier this week, the hurricane tours were in McAllen, Texas (Monday), Beaumont, Texas (Tuesday) and Baton Rouge, Louisiana Metro Airport (Wednesday).

Today’s Hurricane Tour is at Montgomery, Alabama Regional Airport and at Lakeland, Florida Lindler Airport on Friday, May 11th.

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