Suspect Pappas Shooting Update

Houston Police released an update on the suicide of the suspect wanted for killing Houston cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht.  Joseph James Pappas,62, was pronounced dead at 8801 Bob White in southwest Houston.  Pappas took his own life at this address on Friday morning, August 3rd.

HPD Homicide Division Officers M. Millington and J. Snook reported the following:

“At about 9:25 a.m., HPD patrol officers responded to a report of a citizen chasing a suspect near the intersection of Fondren and Hillcroft.  The caller, a Houston Parks Board employee, observed whom he believed to be a wanted murder suspect while checking the green belt area of the bayou.  The wanted suspect, Joseph Papppas, was being sought by law enforcement for the murder of Dr. Mark Hausknecht that occurred on July 20.

As the officer arrived in the area, he located Joseph Pappas walking near the intersection of Bob White Drive and Imogene Street.  The officer exited his patrol vehicle, pointed his duty weapon at Pappas and gave him verbal commands to surrender.  Pappas ignored the officer, moved behind a large tree in the front yard of a nearby residence and sat on the ground out of the officer’s view.  As the officer re-positioned himself to obtain a better view, he heard Pappas utter the words “suicide” as he placed a handgun to his head.  The officer heard a gunshot and saw Pappas collapse.  HFD paramedics responded to the scene and pronounced him deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Pappas was wearing a ballistic vest and in possession of additional firearms and ammunition at the time of his death.  No officers were injured as a result of this incident.”

The HPD Special Investigations Unit and the Internal Affairs Division are continuing their investigation of Pappas’s suicide in the presence of a police officer.

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