Small Plane Crash in Sugarland

Photos Courtesy: FBCSO Major Chad Norvell

 Updated Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018

Fort Bend County Sheriff Office tweeted a small Drug Enforcement Agency plane crashed around 3:39 p.m. Wednesday.  FBCSO says the plane crashed near Voss Road and Highway 6.  It affected traffic and downed power lines in the area.  One person was taken to the hospital.  Three DEA pilots were reported aboard the DEA plane.  The plane’s pilot reported engine trouble before crashing on the road and median, hitting some vehicles and avoiding nearby homes.  The Texas Department of Public Safety in Brazoria County also is investigating.

A second small plane crashed at the Arcola Airport late this afternoon. The FBSO tweeted the plane crashed into a ditch. The pilot was not hurt.

Both small plane crashes will be  investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.


West University Water Leak

Photo Courtesy:

West University residents and drivers on Weslayen can’t help but notice water along the curb.  Over the past week, water has been spewing onto Weslayen not far from the corner of Bissonnet and Weslayan.  It’s unknown how many thousands of gallons of water has gone into the street near the Randall’s Grocery Store since the leak began.

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