Houston Galveston Weather


Live-Stream Galveston, Texas Seawall Camera. Courtesy: Galveston.com

 Happy Fall!


For a look at current NWS Houston-Galveston radar, click on link below:


Click on National Hurricane Center below for updates:


For updates, stay tuned to local television weather broadcasts, the NWS, National Hurricane Center, local city and county office of emergency management social media.

Hurricane Season runs through the end of November.

Prepare and have a plan  for your family and pets in case of evacuation or shelter-in-place in the highest level of your home in case of rushing water and flooding. Move vehicles to higher levels in garages. Have important phone numbers ready. Store  important documents in water-proof bags or containers. Stock up on non-perishable food, water, medicine, batteries, flashlights, gas, cash and other supplies for your family and pets to last at least 3 days or longer.  You will need them during long power outages in your community, if you do not have a good generator that is above ground. Stay with friends, relatives offering safe shelter during the storm or go to a Red Cross shelter in your area.





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