Houston Crime News

A West University woman reported this Meyerland purse snatching on Nextdoor.com on December 8, 2018.

” I know crime is everywhere nowadays but I just wanted to remind everyone to please be alert. My mom & I witnessed a robbery in the small parking area between Cafe Express & Talbots in Meyerland on Wednesday at 2:30 pm in broad daylight. As we walked to our car the guy walked right passed us. A black older model Tahoe pulled up next to him, they exchanged words and then they backed the SUV into the last parking spot on the corner. We watched as the guy on foot zigzagged between cars until he approached a lady from behind and lifted her crossbody purse right over her head. There were several people outside and it all happened so fast…not sure anything could have been done to actually stop it but i laid on my horn anyway just to make a commotion. He jumped in the SUV and in half a second they were on the feeder of 610 and on their way. Not sure if it’s the same group that has been hitting that parking lot as I’ve heard it’s become a regular occurrence there lately. Just felt the need to share.

Be safe!

Description of person involved – Hair: Black, Top: Black Sweatshirts, Bottom: Jeans, Shoes: Black sneakers, Age: upper 20’s – maybe 30’s, Build: Short and medium build, Race: African American, Sex: Male, Other details: There were 3 men. All dressed in black sweatshirts and black sunglasses.

Description of vehicle involved – Color: Black, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Tahoe, Year: Older Model, Type: SUV, License plate: No license plates on front or back.”


Houston Police report the following as the most stolen trucks in November 2018.

1. Chevrolet Trucks 217
2. Ford Trucks 159
3. Dodge Trucks 49
GMC Trucks 49
4. Ford Cars 39
5 Chevrolet Cars 37
6. Honda Cars 36
Nissan Cars 36
7. Toyota Cars 32
8 Dodge Cars 25
9. Toyota Trucks 21
10. Honda Trucks 15
Nissan Trucks 15


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