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February 2018

Dear Reader,

  • This family-friendly blog from our home – contains news, information, weather and whatever we want to share. You are welcome to publish our content without our permission for news, public information and educational purposes on moral websites.  Courtesy Credit–News Blog or Carol Lim.

This blog is not a breaking, 24/7 news nor sports website. For continuous updates,  go to local television or radio stations, national news networks, newspapers and other websites.

We are not responsible for any “Pop-Up” advertising on this News Blog or linked to our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

God’s Grace and His Blessings to You!


Carol Lim

Carol Lim

About the Publisher:  Former associate news producer, weekend news producer/reporter, local television news reporter, weekend morning anchor and news freelancer. Her former news  experience includes working at KBIM-TV (CBS) in Roswell, New Mexico, SNN 6 in Sarasota, Florida and at Tampa Bay area television stations before social media existed. Currently, she is an independent news blogger and member of the Asian American Journalists Association in Houston, Texas. Carol Lim also is a Christian, married and Chinese American. She is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin (B.S. Medical Technology) and the University of South Florida (B.A. Mass Communications-Broadcast News) in Tampa. When not blogging,  Carol enjoys time with her husband, family, trying out recipes, dining out, shopping for bargains and travel.


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