Extreme Weather Ready Expo 2017

NWS Metereologist Nikki Hathaway describes what happens if a hurricane makes landfall here and has advice for new and longtime residents in the Houston and Galveston area.  Video runs: 2:14.

Local emergency management,  city and county agencies, the National Weather Service, disaster-recovery groups and local media hosted and sponsored  the annual Houston/Galveston Extreme Weather Ready Expo 2017 in Houston on Saturday, June 3, 2017.  The expo’s goal was to urge Houston-Galveston area residents to prepare and plan for this hurricane season.

The annual expo at George R. Brown Convention Center is the largest expo of its kind. More than 2,500 people attended Saturday’s expo this year, according to Jackie Miller, Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security on Monday.

Visitors received a bag of information booklets and pamphlets to help them prepare for this hurricane season.  The expo was free, open to the public and held 2 days after the season’s start. Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30th.

The National Weather Service also presented a hurricane workshop and hands-on exhibit at the expo.

“Last season was a quiet year. There was no impact for the western Gulf of Mexico, but there were impacts for Florida and across the Carolinas. Most of the storms curved out to sea and there were a bunch – 15 hurricanes and tropical storms total, which was above average last year,” said Daniel Reilly, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist of the National Weather Service.

However, this hurricane season could be more active.

Graphic courtesy: NOAA, National Hurricane Center

On May 25, 2017, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted an “Above Normal” Atlantic Hurricane Season this year with 11-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes and 2-4 major hurricanes.  The forecast is due to a weak or non-existent El Nino.  NOAA defines El Nino as the presence of unusually warm water in the Pacific, which can influence weather patterns, ocean conditions and marine fishing across large parts of the world.

Weather forecasting, news, command center and rescue vehicles also were on display at the Extreme Weather Ready Expo.

For updates on what’s happening in the tropics, visit the National Hurricane Center website at https://www.nhc.noaa.gov

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Pastor Lee Hsia – Houston’s First Baptist Church Downtown

During this Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Lee Hsia talks about success in life and with a living God.  

When Pastor Lee Hsia looks out his office window in downtown Houston, the view is different.  Nine years ago, Hsia was rising through the ranks of Houston’s corporate world.

“It is a glimpse of heaven, the diversity of Houston and the thriving community of downtown Houston. But with Christ in people’s lives, it certainly would be of what heaven would become –of people filled with the joy of Jesus Christ, love, forgiveness that only God can offer them and people having purpose to make the world a better place to live. It starts right here in Houston,” Hsia said.

Hsai was born in Shanghai, China. He immigrated to the Houston area when he was 7 years old.  His family lived in Sugarland.  During his high school years, the former Buddhist became a Christian. As an immigrant, he faced challenges.

“It is the culture of humility that my parents and grandparents had. Humility is a Christian trait as well. I think Asians tend to be too humble at times that they don’t spur in their children, their family or friends the confidence that is needed to flourish in a western type of society. Otherwise, externally from what I remember, all of my friends from dfferent ethnicities–white, black, Latino and Asian were all encouraging,” Hsia said.

Hsia went to Rice University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management.  While at Rice, Hsia was President of the Rice Program Council  and involved in university community outreach. He received the Dean’s award for Distinguished Service.

After Rice University, Hsia spent nearly 10 years in Houston’s business world and climbed the corporate ladder.  He was promoted every year at Computer Science Corporation.  Hsia went from Associate Consultant to Regional Recruiting Manager of Southwest United States for the company.  As the Internet  became more popular,  Cool Jobs, Inc. hired Hsia to be its Global Director of Sales and Chief Operations Officer.

 After corporate life, Hsia went full-time for God.  He became an ordained minister and missionary for Evangelism Explosion International.  During his 5 years there, Hsia trained pastors, church leaders and congregations on how to share Jesus and God’s forgiveness with the world.

In 2008, Houston’s First Baptist Church hired Hsia to be its Minister of New Initiatives, a position created for him. Pastor Hsia helped First Baptist, one of Houston’s largest churches, become more diverse and expand its outreach. He also introduced more technology to bring the church’s online presence into the 21st century and more relevant in a changing world. 

When Houston’s First Baptist Church opened a downtown campus, it tapped Hsia to lead the diverse congregation of  young families, college and university students, medical center staff, homeless and members of the main church.

“I feel it is something God called me to do. I’ve always been in leadership roles ever since Dulles High School in Sugarland, Texas. It was that high school that first gave me the opportunity to take the leadership role –Student Council, broadcasting, reading the morning announcements a lot in high school  That gave me a lot of confidence to move forward in positions, being president of the Rice Program Council at the university,” Hsia said.

Hsia says he’s excited to lead Houston’s First Baptist Church downtown campus. The downtown church at 1730 Jefferson Street opened in October 2011. It also has future plans to expand. Pastor Hsia credits God, his parents, teachers, professors and mentors for his success.

“God has given me life and all that I have. So many mentors who’ve encouraged me through the years.  The professors and job opportunities. More so, it was their encouragement and belief in me,” Hsia said.

With the Internet and life’s distractions, Pastor Hsia has this advice for the Class of 2017.

“My advice to the Class of 2017 is to find something you really love and that you’re really good at and makes you come alive….If you find something you really love and you’re good at, dive deep into it. Give your heart and soul to it. That will make someone successful,” Pastor Hsia said.

While Hsia is a busy man for God,  he’s also active in groups outside the church– Faith Center Union Baptist Association, the Rice University Admissions Advisory Board, the Rice Alumni Association,  the Houston Theatre district and the American Bible Society. Hsia also supports A Second Cup and Radiant Hope, two organizations that fight human trafficking.

Pastor Hsia also enjoys running, swimming, traveling and the performing arts.

—Carol Lim

Source:  Houston’s First Baptist Church staff biography, Houston Chronicle


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National Weather Service Houston Radar


Courtesy: National Weather Service

Click on link above to track any severe weather headed toward the Houston area.  Tune into local broadcast stations, cable, online weather sources, NWS social media and NWS for weather updates.

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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration

Photo courtesy: S. Gee

This group celebrated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month today with a delicious lunch at P. King R Chinese Food restaurant in Bellaire, Texas.  As long-time Houston residents, they also shared family experiences of growing up and living in Houston, Texas.  Their families opened video stores, Chinese restaurants and neighborhood grocery stores more than 50 years ago in Houston’s low-income neighborhoods.  They also were often the only Asian American student in their class or public school in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


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Galveston Weather

The National Weather Service in Galveston has issued a small craft advisory in effect until 10 a.m. Wednesday for Galveston and coastal waters. Inexperienced boaters should stay on land. On Tuesday afternoon, winds were strong and gusty with rough seas for pier fishing, Galveston beach visitors and boating in the Gulf of Mexico. Beach visitors mostly stayed onshore near lifeguards and enjoyed the sunny, warm temperatures in the mid-80’s  and noticed the humidity in the brisk breezes.

Galveston visitors also headed to the Strand and the Port of Galveston where there are restaurants, gift shops, boat tours, cruise ships and offshore oil rigs undergoing maintenance.

For current Galveston weather, visit http://www.weather.gov and type in “Galveston, Texas” or tune into local broadcast stations.


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Thank you for your home-cooked meals, home-made dim sum, walking with us to school,  encouragement to live good lives, to be good people, your love and taking us to church to know God’s love for us, too.  To all mothers, what a wonderful blessing you are. Happy Mothers Day!

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Harris County May 6, 2017 Election and Dallas Area Mayors Races


Houston, Texas (Harris County) voters overwhelmingly approved Houston Independent School District Proposition 1 with 24, 181 For Votes (83.85%). There were 4,659 Against Votes (16.15%).  That’s a reversal of last November’s election results on the school district recapture fee.  Harris County voter turnout was 4.73%.

Voters voted for HISD to pay the mandated fee of $77.5 million to the Texas Education Agency. The Houston Independent School District is considered a property tax wealthy school district. The fee will help out poorer property tax  school districts in Texas.

A vote against meant the state can remove some of Houston’s more valuable commercial properties such as the Galleria area from HISD property tax rolls.

Click on link above for the results of the Harris County Joint Election on May 6, 2017 for mayoral , city council, HISD Trustee races in Humble, Pasadena and issues before voters with 100% of 590 precincts reporting.

http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/TX/Dallas/66830/186709/Web01/en/summary.htmlTwo Asian Americans ran in mayoral races in Plano, Texas (Collin County) and Addison, Texas in Dallas County.  Former Addison Mayor Joe Chow won the Addison Mayor’s race with 52.68% of the vote while his opponent Blake Clemens got 47.32% of the vote.  Dallas County voter turnout was 7.81%. Click on link below on election results:


Lily Bao finished second in her bid for Plano, Texas Mayor with 42.35% of the vote. Incumbent Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere won a second term with 52.18% of the vote.  See election results by clicking on link below.


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